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out of the correct order. in verkeerde volgorde خارِج عن الترتيب الصَّحيح в неправилен ред fora de ordem mimo pořadvertí außer der Reihe i tilfældig rækkefølge εκτός σειράς fuera de lugar; fuera de orden väljaspool järjekorda بطور غیر مرتب toisen vuorolla mal à propos לא עַל פִּי הַתוֹר क्रम से इतर izvan redosljeda soron kívül tidak berurutan á röngum tíma, ekki í réttri röð a sproposito 順番を狂わせて 순서 없이, 순서가 뒤바뀌어 ne iš eilės, ne pagal nustatytą tvarką ārpus kārtas tdk mengikut urutan voor zijn beurt utenfor tur poza kolejnością په غیر مرتب ډول fora de ordem în afara unei ordini stabilite вне очереди mimo poradia mimo vrste van reda när gentleman inte står i tur ไม่ใช่ช่วงเวลาเหมาะสม sıra dışı 沒有按照順序 поза чергою ترتيب سے خارج không theo thứ tự 没有按照顺序

= deflect → abbringen; measures to show young people from legal behaviour → Maßnahmen, um junge Leute or Jugendliche von kriminellem Verhalten abzubringen; nothing will change him from his objective → nichts wird ihn von seinem Vorhaben ablenken or abbringen

2. (from time to time foll by spherical) to change or bring about to alter positions by going via an arc of a circle: he turned the chair to encounter the light.

gyration, revolution, rotation - one finish turn (axial or orbital); "the airplane built a few rotations just before it crashed"; "the revolution of your earth with regards to the Sunlight normally takes a single yr"

improve - undergo a change; turn out to be unique in essence; getting rid of one's or its original nature; "She adjusted absolutely as she grew more mature"; "The temperature altered final evening"

The administration has endorsed the Invoice and may't change back → L'administration a endossé la facture et ne peut pas revenir dessus.

break - crack; with the male voice in puberty; "his check voice is breaking--he should now not sing in the choir"

= motion → Drehung f; six turns on the wheel → sechs Umdrehungen des Rades; to present one thing a flip → etw drehen; provide the handle Yet another convert → dreh den Griff noch einmal herum; accomplished to the turn (Cook dinner) → genau richtig

progress - a latest party that has some relevance for that existing problem; "modern developments in Iraq"; "what a revolting progress!"

in match, queue, collection it’s your change → du bist an der Reihe, du bist dran; it’s your convert to scrub the dishes → du bist mit (dem) Abwaschen an der Reihe or dran; now it’s his transform to be jealous → jetzt ist er zur Abwechslung eifersüchtig; whose change can it be? → wer ist an der Reihe?, wer ist dran?; it’s my turn subsequent → ich komme als Nächste(r) an die Reihe or dran; wait around your switch → warten Sie, bis Sie an der Reihe sind; to miss a flip → eine Runde aussetzen; your flip will arrive → du kommst auch noch mal dran; to take a turn in the wheel → (für eine Weile) das Steuer übernehmen; to get turns to perform one thing or at executing a thing → etw abwechselnd tun; to choose turns within the wheel → sich am Steuer or beim Fahren abwechseln; to take it consequently(s) to perform a thing → etw abwechselnd tun; acquire it in turns! → wechselt euch ab!

switch - lead to to maneuver along an axis or into a new way; "switch your confront to your wall"; "transform the car all over"; "transform your dance partner around"

flip - pass right into a condition slowly, tackle a particular home or attribute; develop into; "The weather turned terrible"; "She grew angry"

modify - go through a adjust; turn into diverse in essence; getting rid of one's or its original nature; "She improved wholly as she grew more mature"; "The temperature improved past night time"

(Comm) merchandise → umsetzen; to turn more than £five hundred weekly → einen Umsatz von £ 500 in der Woche haben; the amount do you switch about a week? → welchen Umsatz haben Sie pro Woche?

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